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Our combined property management agents and staff have over 50 years experience in managing residential properties and tenant relations in the greater Tampa Bay area. Our goal is to have happy owners and tenants, providing fair and balanced service to our owners and tenants in the owners' absence.

OUR SERVICES: Finding a Tenant Only / Tenant Screening or Full Property Management.

MARKETING: We start our services by conducting a thorough inspection of your property including documenting the house's condition, inside and outside. Next we market your property through a variety of websites including our company site, the multiple listing service (MFRMLS),, along with all major real estate sites with just one listing. We also place a CENTURY 21 sign in your yard, one of the most recognized brands in any market. We also show your property to prospective tenants as well as cooperate with other Realtors in our market who may have qualified tenants.

SCREENING: We conduct our own tenant screening by first checking their credit report with Merchants Background Screening, then further checking references for employment and past rental experience. Once we are satisfied we have done a thorough job of screening your prospective tenant(s), we will give the information to you for a final decision.

YOUR TENANTS: We start the tenancy by conducting a walk-in inspection where the tenant can note any deficiencies, cosmetic items that do not need fixing and substantial items that may need correcting. We collect a first month's rent, a trash fee (for Hillsborough County residents), a pet fee (if applicable) and prorate the rent for the next period. We normally do not collect a last month's rent.

MONTHLY: On a monthly basis we collect the rent, pay any bills due (if applicable) and offer two methods of payment to an owner:

1. Mail a monthly check and statement directly to you;

2. Deposit the net due to you in your bank account. In order to choose this option you must provide us with original, preprinted deposit slips as needed. If we run out of deposit slips and you do not provide us with replacements after notification, payments to you automatically revert to mailing.

On all rents received at the beginning of the month, we disburse on the 10th of each month, so you will receive a statement and your rental payment by the 15th. In addition, you will receive a 1099 tax form and an annual statement in January of the following year. When a tenant notifies us they are leaving with 30 days notice, we coordinate the move-out, conduct a walk-out inspection again documenting the condition and claiming any damages (not including acceptable property wear as is allowed by Florida law.)

PERIODIC INSPECTIONS: We also will conduct other periodic inspections when necessary. These may be drive by inspections, or we will request entrance if we have reason to believe that this is necessary to preserve a property's condition. We can also take exterior photos and forward them to you at your request.

FULL WEB SUPPORT: We offer your tenants access to our services with forms they may use to request repairs, copies of documents, give notice, etc, We also offer these services to owners who may request copies of documents, a monthly or annual statement copy, copies of invoices for services. We can also deposit and email your deposit slip directly to you along with your monthly statement. To view our online services, click here to visit our company site for owners or click here to visit our company site for residents.

IN SUMMARY: We believe that the reason people rent may determine the quality of the tenants and your outcome. We try to be as careful as possible on the front end to minimize problems during and after your property's rental period is over! For additional information, click here to email your request or call us at 813-684-5982.